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Below are some of our impact focused education projects


Academic Debate Championship

An academic competition on impact oriented ideas

The inaugural impact oriented debate championship - a three-day debate championship with impact-themed topics. The championship had 150+ participants, from roughly 25 countries, that span 6 continents (including participants from top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge). Over 500 speeches were delivered in the framework of the competition. 

The participants of the tournament have made donations to distinguished charities (with most of the funds going to the Against Malaria Foundation). The funds were doubled via donation matching. 

In the framework of the championship a research was conducted to examine if debating changes the stance of debaters towards certain values. Organizing the event was an effort of a great many. We name them and thank them in the link below. 

Applied Ethics Course

Applied Ethics Course

A formal academic course at Tel Aviv University

The course presents practical tools to examine ethical issues in everyday decision-making, while using disciplines from ethics, economics, behavioural science, exact sciences and more. For example, to what extent should global catastrophes worry us, and what can and should be done about them? Should empirical evidence influence our ethical decisions, and how? What could be done about global poverty and health? Do we have a moral obligation towards others, and if so, to whom, and does it include animals? How can moral commitment be incorporated into career decisions? And more.

Distinguished Lecture Series

Distinguished Lecture Series

Lectures on impact oriented issues

A series of lectures on altruism, philanthropy, global poverty & healthcare, animal welfare, existential risks to humanity, and the GiveWell & Chairty Entrepreneurship organizations. 

The series was produced in tandem with the 2021 World Universities Debating Championship, and it included distinguished speakers such as William MacAskill. You can download the posters for the full list of topics and speakers here

Cumulatively the lectures were watched over 10,000 times. Beyond the expert content, each major theme also featured exercises by world-renowned speakers.


Online Course (upcoming 2024)

An online course about driving global impact

The course aims to empower students with the cross-disciplinary set of tools required to evaluate, prioritize, and learn how to capitalize on their top opportunities for driving large-scale positive impact. We will address core issues in decision-making pertaining to day-to-day dilemmas as well as the most important issues of our time such as global health, climate change, career choice, and more. The course is produced in collaboration with the Innovation in Teaching & Learning Center (ITLC) at Tel Aviv University. ITLC has won awards for creating comprehensive digital experiences, and it aims to make knowledge more accessible and increase the inclusiveness and diversity of higher education. 

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