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About Impact Focused Education

Impact Focused Education aims to develop an effective educational path for engaging in large-scale high-impact work. We are interested in multiple educational aspects, including building instructional tools to evaluate & prioritize impact, creating training curriculums to help others to meaningfully contribute to important global challenges, and finding how to best motivate students to pursue scale-sensitive impact.

Our current focus is on creating the infrastructure that would allow us to scale up our previous educational projects. We are at an early stage of building Impact Focused Education and many changes are expected in the near future. It is highly plausible that there will be opportunities to join us. If you are excited by that please track our Opportunities page, join our mailing list, or write directly to

Our Team

Dan Lahav


Dan is an AI Researcher at IBM Research, a trained Bioinformatician and a lecturer at Tel Aviv University. He is one of the most decorated speakers in the history of the academic debating community, led international educational events that included participants from over 65 countries, and he won numerous other scientific, entrepreneurial and educational awards. In the past he was one of the first employees in a start-up that was sold to Google, His work/comments were featured in leading international media venues such as the BBC and the New Yorker. 

Sella Nevo


Sella leads several research teams at Google using AI for humanitarian causes, international development and climate change. Sella co-founded EA Israel and Probably Good. Additionally, Sella is on the advisory board of ALLFED, is a venture partner in a climate-focused venture capital fund, and lectures at Tel Aviv University. He managed top tier training programs and has lectured at prestigious venues (such as the UN). His for-good efforts were featured in multiple short documentaries, Fortune's Change The World list, and The Marker’s 40-under-40 list.

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